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The Wandering Earth 2019 (HDTS)

The Wandering Earth 2019 - Full (HD)

The Wandering Earth

Plot Summary

The sun is dying out. The earth will soon be engulfed by the inflating sun. To save the human civilization, scientists draw up an escape plan that will bring the whole human race from danger. With the help of thousands of infusion powered engines, the planet earth will leave the solar system and embark on a 2,500 year journey to the orbit of a star 4.5 light years away.
Director: Frant Gwo
Running time: 2h 5min
Genre: Sci-Fi
Release date: 5 February 2019 (China)
Cast: Guangjie Li, Chuxiao Qu, Man-Tat Ng, Jin Mai Jaho, Jing Wu, Jiayin Lei

=>Notice: This is the HDTS version (Cam/Telesync) and not of high quality about Video/Audio (need use the HEADPHONES if you can not hear the sounds), so you guys should consider before watching (but temporarily it is the best version out there). We will continually update the new version for this movie.



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